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The More,
The Easier

Participate in blockchain business with Coinone Node and claim your reward.

Daily Staking Launch LUNA LUNA

Contribute to the blockchain e-Commerce platform and earn easy rewards.

Weekly Snapshot on Every Monday XTZ TEZOS

Check ‘Automatic Delegation’ and ‘Snapshot’ of Tezos, a self-amending blockchain.

Real-Time Reward Daily Reward ATOM COSMOS

Delegate your ATOM coin of the Cosmos Project, the Internet of blockchain.

Weekly Random Snapshot XLM STELLAR LUMENS

Coming Soon.

Weekly Snapshot on Every Friday ONT ONTOLOGY

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon

Please look forward to the next project of Coinone Node.


With Coinone Node, you can boost your profit. Coinone Node always aims to deliver a healthy impact on blockchain ecosystem and to provide a wide range of values to Coinone Node users.
Additional profit through just holding your assets

Delegate your assets to Coinone Node and claim your reward. This offers you additional profit for participation in blockchain node business.

Contribution to blockchain projects through investment

By simply delegating to Coinone Node, you can contribute to the development of blockchain projects you invest in.

Creation of a healthy blockchain investment ecosystem

Provide opportunities for investors to exercise their influence on the blockchain ecosystem, and the blockchain ecosystem will be more healthier by the participation of more individuals.

Coinone Node
Terms for Consent of Usage
About Daily Staking Service

- Daily Staking Service is the service, in which, without complex process for staking, staking rewards may be given just by holding a corresponding cryptocurrency at the wallet of Coinone Exchange.
- In the case a member directly conducts staking, according to the blockchain policy, it may take time for deposit and withdrawal of a next transaction after the staking. The Daily Staking Service enables a member to deposit and withdraw, at the same time, offers a member staking reward through the service.
- Staked cryptocurrencies may not be allowed for transaction for a specific period according to the blockchain policy. However, Daily Staking Service enables Daily Staking Service users to withdraw/trade/deposit by preparing for cryptocurrencies that are not being participated in the staking.

Caution for Use

- In the case a member consents to participating in Daily Staking Service, a certain portion of cryptocurrencies held by a member will be participated in the daily staking of cryptocurrencies, which are offered by the current daily staking service and will be added by the future daily staking service.
- The Daily Staking Service is offered among cryptocurrencies that are listed at the Coinone exchange and are dPOS and POS blockchain projects. The list of cryptocurrencies, in which the daily staking service is offered will be published at the subject of the company's mobile/webpage and node service usage of application.

The Terms for Consent of Daily Staking

You have completed to agree on ‘The Terms for Consent of Daily Staking Service Use.’