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Daily Staking Service offers staking rewards by holding ATOM at Coinone exchange wallet.

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Cosmos Staking

Participate in Cosmos Staking Service provided by Coinone Node, claim your reward.

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Claim Your Daily Staking Reward

Customers, who have agreed on ‘The Terms for Consent of Daily Staking Service Use,’ can get their Daily staking rewards by just holding their ATOM in their Coinone exchange wallet.

Participate in Delegation

Buy ATOM from Coinone exchange. It is also possible to delegate your ATOM from your personal ATOM wallets as well. You can participate in delegating by setting the desired amount of ATOM you hold on Coinone exchange. Trade/withdrawals/deposits will be temporarily unavailable only for the amount of ATOM delegated to Coinone.

Take Your Rewards

Your reward will be distributed in real time right after your delegation request. 90% of total revenue will be distributed to Coinone Node users, and Coinone Node takes only 10% of total revenue for operating a Cosmos validator node.

Undelegate your stake

It takes 21 days for users to undelegate their delegated ATOM according to Cosmos blockchain policy. During this period, the amount of delegated your ATOM is unavailable for deposits,withdrawals,trade and reward.

For institutional investors willing to reach out, please contact us by [email protected]


Join Cosmos ecosystem with Coinone Node.
Expected profit rate is up to 20% per year

Expected profit rate is at least 7% to 20% per year according to Cosmos blockchain policy. Coinone Node users’ reward is 90% of the total revenue. 10% of the total revenue will be used for safer Coinone Node operations.

Contribution to Cosmos ecosystem

Contribute to Cosmos ecosystem with delegable ATOM. Invest in Cosmos ecosystem which is so-called ‘the Internet of blockchain’ and will connect and expand various blockchain projects.

Trusted validator

If you delegate to unreliable validators, there is a possibility of ‘slashing’ (Cosmos penalizes validators for mismanagement by burning some amount of their stake and removing their ability to vote on future blocks for a period of time). Coinone Node provides secure and reliable service based on accumulated node operating experiences.


Coinone Node Team is here to answer any question regarding COSMOS ecosystem and ATOM delegation.
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Terms for consent of Usage

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Coinone Node
Terms for Consent of Usage
About Daily Staking Service

- Daily Staking Service is the service, in which, without complex process for staking, staking rewards may be given just by holding a corresponding cryptocurrency at the wallet of Coinone Exchange.
- In the case a member directly conducts staking, according to the blockchain policy, it may take time for deposit and withdrawal of a next transaction after the staking. The Daily Staking Service enables a member to deposit and withdraw, at the same time, offers a member staking reward through the service.
- Staked cryptocurrencies may not be allowed for transaction for a specific period according to the blockchain policy. However, Daily Staking Service enables Daily Staking Service users to withdraw/trade/deposit by preparing for cryptocurrencies that are not being participated in the staking.

Caution for Use

- In the case a member consents to participating in Daily Staking Service, a certain portion of cryptocurrencies held by a member will be participated in the daily staking of cryptocurrencies, which are offered by the current daily staking service and will be added by the future daily staking service.
- The Daily Staking Service is offered among cryptocurrencies that are listed at the Coinone exchange and are dPOS and POS blockchain projects. The list of cryptocurrencies, in which the daily staking service is offered will be published at the subject of the company's mobile/webpage and node service usage of application.

The Terms for Consent of Daily Staking

You have completed to agree on ‘The Terms for Consent of Daily Staking Service Use.’

Notice of Withdrawal

If you withdraw your consent for Daily Staking, Daily Staking reward will NOT be provided from the day of withdrawal request.
In addition, if a service agreement is withdrawn, it cannot be agreed again for 24 hours.

Withdrawal Completed

Your withdrawal request for Daily Staking has been completed.